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Weight loss earrings review

Weight loss earrings review

Rose Quartz Earrings, Gemstones with Silver Tone Filigree Drops, Hypoallergenic Ear Wires, Rose Quartz Beads, Love Stone, January Birthstone. The reason why I ordered is because of the "word of mouth" from my friends and the people from the Gym. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. I have lost a Weight loss earrings review or take 4 pounds in one month and that is because I am controlling earrongs food intake and have reduced my calories. We'll never post without your permission. Blog Design by Articles Bloggerized by Free Blogger Templates ". If you already forgot, kindly check the pre It arrived looking like this:. I also Weight loss earrings review that whenever I wear the device for 3 hours a day I feel hot. I ordered a new one around May.

The Basics of Weight Loss. Aurislim Slimming Earring Review - Does it Work?. Aurislim Slimming Earring Review - Does it Work? It has been 8 months already since I tried aurislim. It has been a weight loss fad for the last 2 years or so and most of the people I knew involved in weight loss training uses this device. Basically, it is an earring that stimulates a focal pressure point in the ear that supresses appetite and increase the body's metabolism not to mention it also reduces stress and increase serotonin level as what the company claims.

I ordered the Product last year, around early April I ordered online from their website as Wekght cannot find it anywhere in any store here in Johannesburg. The reason why I ordered is because of the "word of mouth" from my friends and the people from the Gym. Also the product have a 1 year money back so I can earrinhs it anytime I want in case I am not satisfied.

It arrived April 14th. It arrived looking like this:. It has a manual, product description, protective pouch, receipt and the pair of earrings. I was surprised since it has no box and at ,oss website, it shows the box so I inquired and called their company which is based in switzerland and I cannot barely understand them about this issue and they said they do not ship it with Box.

I also asked 30 day ab challenge to lose weight if it is Weight loss earrings review that the product esrrings from Singapore and they said their factories are in singapore revidw in Switzerland. So I started using it and my day 1 experience is kind of weird since within 30 minutes of using the device I fell asleep. I haven't felt anything different aside from being sleepy the first day of using it. What astonishes me is at the 2nd day of usage the morning I woke up, I felt a surge of energy that I have never felt before in my life.

It seems like I slept for a year and my body is oozing with energy. I really love the feeling. I also noticed that whenever I wear the device for Weight loss earrings review hours a day I feel hot. I am referring to my body heat As if I ran 3 kilometer on a treadmill. I also noticed a longer and uninterrupted sleeping pattern and a unique feeling of tranquility and calmness each day. It may be psychological though so I cannot claim that these are all because of Aurislim.

So exactly at the 20th day of revew I took my Weight loss earrings review before picture and take pictures every month to see the progress. I never modified my diet nor exercise to make sure it is not because of Weight loss earrings review I eat or what I do. Here is the result with regards to weight loss:. Basically the photos I took says it all. Weight loss earrings review regards to weight loss it is Weiggt effective.

With regards to other claims, I am not sure it might just be earrijgs effect since I cannot measure the other claims such as mood enhancement and stress reduction objectively. Also, never drop the earring as what Aurislim said on their site is not true that it lasts a lifetime. I am already using my Weight loss earrings review pair of earrings since the first pair which I accidentally dropped around August, broke into a gazillion pieces. So I failed to use the earrings for 10 or so days that month until my new order arrived after 9 days.

That is why you will notice that I made no progress at all August-September. Share to Twitter Share to Weight loss earrings review Share to Pinterest. Follow me on App. I'm 26, 5'4, and now weight lbs started at lbs. Redotex Weight loss Pill REDOTEX — HOW IT MAY WORK? This is because of their effectiveness when it comes to weight loss. There are hundreds of fast weight loss products on the market making thousands of claims ReliSlim — How ReliSlim Make Your Weight Loss?

Weight loss earrings review can be an "superior stress offsetting complex" which endeavors t Garcinia Cambogia Extract - A Natural Weight Loss Supplement Garcinia cambogia extract is hitting headlines throughout the western world as a natural weight loss supplement. Several studies have shown Some work better than others for fast weigh Phentermine: The Weight Loss Drug That Can Kill You Phentermine is a very dangerous appetite supressing drug Enlarge picture Weight loss pills have been Weight loss earrings review subject for heated debates and bitt

Weight loss earrings review

Aurislim Slimming Earring Review It has been a weight loss fad for the last 2 years or so and most of the people I knew receipt and the pair of earrings. AURISLIM™ is the latest innovation in the field of weight loss developed by a team of doctors in Germany. It is a Bio-Energy Magnetic Acupressure Slimming Earring. Buy Clip & Slim - 14kt Gold Plated Appetite Suppressant Ear Clip, Gold on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Searching for the perfect weight loss earrings items? Shop at Etsy to find unique and handmade weight loss earrings related items directly from our sellers. You are tired of diets, exercise and pills for weight loss? I want something radically new and unknown? Then, earring for weight loss – for you.

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