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How to lose water weight from depo shot

How to lose water weight from depo shot

This is unusual in our family,as if we gain weight, it is on the thighs and butt. I've been using good shampoo and condition Biolage and How to lose water weight from depo shot seems to help a little but depo provera causes loss lsoe bone density and if it's doing this to my hair I can't imagine what it's doing to my bones. Couldn't find what you looking for? Associated with potential sht gain. You may have no control over whether you will gain weight on Depo, but understanding what causes weight gain could help you make lifestyle adjustments that will minimize the amount of weight you do gain or even lose. COM do not endorse. Fat burn kaskus you start writting down every little thing you pop into your mouth all day long, you might be suprised at how much How to lose water weight from depo shot are actually eating. What I try to explain to my patients is that there are ahot cousins with bad experiences on birth control, but they are usually the exception, not the rule. I'm already skinny, I weighed pounds before I got the shot, after I got it I lost 6 pounds now I am very underweight and Qater really do think the shot affects ppl differently. It's not true for everyone but Depo Provera medroxyprogesterone dmpa can cause weight gain. Some women gain weight naturally when transitioning from their teens into their twenties. About 1 in fdom women in the U. One disadvantage to using this contraceptive is that it can cause weight gain. I cut calories and all that too. We promise, we'll never give out your address. I also am one of the "few" who never experience weight gain while taking the shot but have gained 15lbs since going OFF of xepo shot.

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to drpo your experience. You are currently viewing the message boards in:. Posts: Member Member. Had a Depo shot March tl stop ovarian cysts. The doctor has given me a script for BC pills to stop the bleeding ,which will also cause weight gain, While I have lost in the last 4 months I have killed myself to do it and I have this bloated look to my stomach almost look pregnant I fromm shake.

Please someone tell me how much longer before this crap is fully out of my The fat burning furnace secret Will my weight change when it is? July 13, AM. I had Depo-Provera almost 20 years ago I felt great while I was on it but only had 2 injections. When I went in for my 3rd I had gained lbs in 6 months. As with you I thought it would come off but it did not.

I have tried FOR YEARS to get this weight off. I am now on the HCG diet and am so happy to FINALLY be losing weight. It has been 16 days and I have lost 14 lbs. July loze, PM. Started taking Depo Provera last May. Within months, I had already gained 15 pounds, but I didn't put it together that the Depo is what was causing my weight gain.

I ended up having two more shots and gained a total of 50 pounds. I was about 3 pounds underweight before and now I'm 13 pounds overweight. I stopped getting the shots and hoped the weight would just come off, but it didn't. I exercise like crazy and eat a mostly vegan diet. I thought there must be something else wrong with me and had every blood test known to man done on me. All the labwork came back as 'normal' and I'm back to questioning if this could be because of depo.

I wtaer am getting a normal cycle as of this month and have lost about 4 pounds in the past month or so. I have never had an losse with my weight. Am I finally turning a corner with my weight loss journey? Will the weight come off easily now? Advise from other would be very helpful! It isn't the Depo that makes you gain weight, unless you already had a weight issue to begin with. Your doctor should have explained that to you. I still get the shot and am still losing weight.

Posts: 13 Member Member. Quick update from me so I did come off the How to lose water weight from depo shot but mainly due to moving to a country where I can't get it haha. My last shot was in Aug and so far it appears to have made little difference to my weight loss. As it has been nearly a year I guess it wasn't the depo for me that was causing the weight gain, through increased appetite I just have a big appetite Hkw I know everyone is different.

Not sure I'd go back on it when I get home it takes weght while to work its way out of my system which is annoying to say the least. July 20, AM. I have been on depo since How to lose water weight from depo shot was a teenager. You have to eat the food to gain the weight. It is possible to loose on depo. I also hope 3 lbs underweight is not your goal. Its great that you sshot had a success story with Depo but to say you have to eat to gain is not true.

You can hold water shkt to high hormone levels. Just because some people may have a good experience doesn't negate how tp woman have horrible experiences on Depo. Some people get rashes with penicillin some don't every body is different. You can't say you can't get a rash from peneicillin because I didn't. July 21, AM. I started dfpo Depo for the first time at the end of AprilI have since gained 8lbs, now am not saying I have Hod perfect in my eating habits but I haven't seen weight go on that quickly ever.

Side Note: I saw that someone mentioned weight gain to water rentention, well over the last week, I have been going to the loo at least every hour and sometimes up twice during the night, which How to lose water weight from depo shot completely aeight like me, shit I wondered if that was an affect of the depo wearing off, just a thought! July 29, PM. Posts: 13, Member Member.

How to lose water weight from depo shot

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WHILE ON THE DEPO SHOT If you're feeling like you've gained weight after starting the Depo shot, increase the amount of water you drink. Jun 27,  · Depo-Provera & Weight Loss. How to Lose Weight. How to Get Pregnant After the Depo Shot. Side Effects After Stopping Depo Provera. Had a Depo shot March to stop ovarian cysts. Not only didn't stop the cysts but have been bleeding for 3 1/2 months straight. Hello! I had shot of depro provera 1 year ago and I gained weigh (60 lbs in one year!) Horrible!!! And I didn’t change my eating habbits or anything. Also doctor. I'm on depo (birth control shot) and I can't lose weight. - Welcome to Circle of Moms!!.

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